The art of medicine consists in distracting the patient while nature cures him. -Voltaire-

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Produits Éphémères

Produits Éphémères

Voici le coin des produits éphémères. Étant donné que mes produits vont... 

Liquid concentrate Tincture & Mother tincture

Liquid concentrate Tincture & Mother tincture

Liquid concentrates are made from grain alcohol. Filtered 3 times, the ratios... 

Mc Duff Artisanal Vinegar

Mc Duff Artisanal Vinegar

By purchasing Mc Duff vinegars, you directly contribute to research into Lyme... 

'' Humbly carry the voice of plants and recreate the link between human beings and plant beings''

Who am I?

Ethno-Herbalist, Gatherer & Transformer

Good morning!

My name is Mélanie and I live on the border of
Gaspésie. Like most Herbalists, I am a lover of life!

The fields & forests are my playgrounds, my living space, my connection and my oxygen. I pick it with love, respect
& parsimony, medicinal plants & mushrooms.

In my opinion, plants are more than physical matter... for a long time I wondered what I was missing in my practice and I discovered plant alchemy... I have been studying it for several moons and this aspect allows me to transform plants differently and add that ''little something extra''

''As above, so below''

Having suffered from Lyme disease for several
years and seeing how much plants heal me, I decided to specialize in this field.

I try to have as many excellent quality medicinal plants in the store as possible to help the Limies, who like me, are
treat with herbal medicine.

Today, I give workshops and training on simple medicinal plants & their traditional uses.

I run workshops in schools like the ''
Mini budding herbalist, I give tailor-made training for the manufacture of products and above all, with my knowledge, I try to help as many people as possible to become independent for themselves and their family with the
basics of herbalism.

Hope to meet you!

Mel -xx-

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A little bit of me...